hey girl!

I'm Sophie.

i'm here to help you make your business rock.

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Say hello to a joyful & purposeful business 

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What I’m known for:

My love for yoga & past career as a yoga instructor

Teaching driven women how to live the laptop lifestyle

Hosting a top-rated marketing podcast for women

Celebration of EVERY win - big and small in your business!

My Favorites



thing in my house

cozy blankets




Interior design

"Anything you can imagine, you can create."

words i live by

— oprah

My Timeline

where I've been


Graduated high school ready to become a nurse


A bad breakup left me in a really low place


Hated my job, suffering from anxiety and depression


Worked with my 1st life coach & my life started to really change


Trained as a yoga teacher under Baron Baptiste


Became a life coach through The Life Coach School


Started life coaching, which turned into business coaching too!


I get to coach women all over the world and teach them how to step into THEIR CALLING. 

countries I've run my business from


yoga teacher certification

ryt 300

marketing plans written


cups of coffee per day


Think we're a match? I'm ready when you are!

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